Why William Powell?

William Powell have been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of guns since 1802. Over this time, invaluable knowledge has been passed down through five generations of the same family. Today, this knowledge, skill and passion is still the core part of the gunroom, and something that will quickly become apparent when dealing with us. If you are just starting out or are a seasoned Shot, our gun room staff have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction whatever query or requirement you may have.

Side by sides, over and unders, air rifles to centre fire rifles ideal for the modern stalker, we’re sure that we will have something to offer almost everyone and to suit almost any budget. This coupled with a highly renowned repairs, maintenance and restoration service, means that there is not much that we can't offer the sporting shot.

Introducing our Continental Range

Whilst we are still able to make a few of our hand built model No. 1 side by side shotguns, over 20 years ago we realised that there was a real demand for high quality guns at an affordable price. Due to high manufacturing and labour costs, the UK is unable to make modern good quality guns at affordable prices. Because of this, the search for a company who shared the same passion and skill as the previous Powell craftsmen widened to the continent. During the search two companies stood out from the rest –companies who would ultimately go on to build the new range of William Powell shotguns and carry on a name that has become synonymous with prestige, quality and reliability within the shooting world.

As a result Arietta of Spain produce our side by side shotguns, and Batista Rizzini of Italy produce our over and under shotgun range; all within the ‘Continental’ banner. Produced by master craftsmen, the William Powell Continental range are much more than re-badged shotguns. Countless hours of deliberation, alteration and augmentation have gone in to produce shotguns which we firmly believe replicate all the best aspects and desirability of English made guns, whilst combining reliability, affordability and quality.


Gun storage solutions are available at William Powell. Contact us on 01295 661035 for more information.