Continental Guns

High Quality Shotguns

William Powell have been making guns since 1802. Whilst we are still making a few of our hand built model No. 1 side by side shotguns, over 20 years ago we realised that there was a real demand for high quality guns at an affordable price; the sort of guns that most shooting people would want and be able to buy.

The William Powell Continental over and unders have the reliability that we have come to expect of Italian made guns and yet they are truly individualistic – there are not thousands of them elsewhere in the world as is the case with guns from the high volume makers. As a result, the resale value of the William Powell Continental over and unders tends to be significantly higher than their mass produced counterparts. We carry in stock examples of each model, but guns can be custom built to suit an owner’s requirements with the usual delivery time of around eight months. Again the William Powell Continental over and unders can be purchased as singles or pairs and all our guns (whether side by sides or over and unders) carry a five year warranty against mechanical defects. Special engraving and Teague chokes are also available.

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