Men's Shooting Clothing

Whether you’re new to game shooting or an experienced shot we’ve got an exclusive handpicked range of men's shooting clothing from all the top brands including Laksen, Schoffel, Musto, BarbourSeeland and many more.

If you’re new to game shooting, and are unsure what men's shooting clothing to wear out in the field, visit our blog for some interesting and informative articles about what to wear when game shooting. In addition, we have a friendly and knowledgeable team of staff who are always happy to help and answer anything that may not have been covered below.

Don’t forget that first and foremost whilst out shooting be it rough pheasant shooting or driven grouse, you need to keep warm, dry and comfortable. In addition to traditional tweed breeks and shooting coats, we also have a good range of thermals and accessories to keep you warm.

Generally shooting clothing tends to be browns and greens, however for the more fashion conscious a statement can be made in the form of shooting socks, of which we sell a good range from brands such as House of Cheviot.

We have a good range of men’s shooting breeks, plus fours and plus twos in tweed, moleskin and corduroy. The difference between breeks, plus fours and plus twos is simply down to the overhang of material over the top of your socks. The overhang of material helps the rainwater to run off without dripping in to your wellies! For on top we have a great range of sporting jumpers, shirts, ties and waistcoats to ensure you look smart and stay warm and dry. We carry a good range of shooting coats, from waterproof tweed to more technical choices.