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We always have a wide variety of shotgun cartridges and ammunition in stock to purchase from our Banbury Showroom.  Our Gunroom team are available Monday-Saturday (9-5.30pm) to help and advise regarding the best, most suitable ammunition for your requirements.  Alternatively, please call during Showroom hours on 01295 661035.  Our full price list and current availability including sale and special offers is available to view - click here.


Guide to Buying Cartridges


The most important thing to remember about cartridges is that it is seldom the cartridge which is the cause of your failure to connect.   Most modern cartridges are built to a pretty exacting standard and the main manufacturers are extremely consistent in what they make.
What certainly seems to be a real factor in achieving consistent “kills”, is that the person shooting has confidence in the cartridge that he or she is using. This leads on to the fact that it is much better to consistently use the same cartridge, pretty well immaterial of what you are shooting at, rather than chop and change. Variation in load, speed, recoil etc., will all create conditions for missing, whereas once you get used to a cartridge, shooting with it repeatedly and out of the same gun, will almost always lead to much greater success.
William Powell has developed their own line of Game cartridges because we wanted to use high quality rather than cheaper components, so as to give a much better performing cartridge.  In the scale of Game shooting in particular, the cartridges are almost certainly the cheapest part of the day and therefore it seems to be madness to skimp on the quality of the components. We haven’t!
We currently offer, in 12 bore;


Red Grouse:   The ultimate early season cartridge and as its name suggests, the ideal Grouse cartridge to use in English Game guns with 2½ chambers having 29 grams and 6.5 shot. 
This is a killing cartridge but with low recoil, ideal for when you are wearing light shooting clothing early in the season.

Red Game:   Having a true 65mm case, this cartridge is especially designed for ‘old’ English Guns and is loaded with 30 grams of 5 or 6 shot.  This cartridge incorporates some of the latest technology such as diamond shot.  This gives the performance of a 70mm cartridge in a 65mm case.  The blended powders deliver smooth recoil even in light weight game guns and are a real pleasure to shoot.  An ideal Pheasant and Partridge cartridge.

Blue Lightning:  Accurately described as “The Highest Quality own brand Game cartridge on the market”.

This is a real high bird cartridge using F2 powder, diamond polished lead shot, the Gordon Low Recoil system and either 31 gram 5½ or 33 gram 4½ shot, depending on what you are shooting at.
Travelling at 1450 FPS, these are probably the best cartridges that you can currently buy.