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Welcome to William Powell Country

Our aim is to produce a stimulating, informative and varied online site which people interested in shooting, fishing and the countryside, will want to read. It is not an advertising medium for William Powell, but an online journal about Fieldsports and the Countryside.

William Powell Country will be produced on a weekly basis, with a variety of news items, articles and features on a diverse range of subjects. We have been delighted that so many people who we have approached to write for us, have agreed to do so; one or two are well known but most have never had anything published before. However, all our contributors are both knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects.

Although we have called our site William Powell Country, please don’t let the title mislead you. Yes, we will obviously on occasions, flag up interesting things to do with William Powell. We will feature new product reviews and anything else which we believe may be of use or interest. But in the main, William Powell Country is going to be an interesting read for those who want to be out in the countryside, but at that particular moment in time, cannot be! William Powell Country truly is Your Escape to the Country.

We very much hope you will look at it each week (it is updated every Thursday). If you have any comments, ideas or would like to “pen” a piece (or have an event you are involved with given a mention), please contact our Editor, Emma at info@williampowellcountry.com. We really do want to hear from you.

With many thanks for taking the time to read this and we very much hope you will enjoy reading William Powell Country as much as we have enjoyed producing it!


Christine and Mark Osborne

and the William Powell Country team.