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Article written by 13 December 2012

You specialise in game and wild food, so what would be typically on your menu over the Christmas and winter period that are – obviously – seasonal but that also really represent this time of year to you?

Hares will definitely be on my menus over Christmas.  I love the strong gamey flavour. Also Mutton is a strong favourite, brilliant slow braised with ale and dumplings.

What dish/dishes always form part of your Christmas – perhaps favourites from childhood/ones that have special significance?

Roast Goose followed by spotted dick and custard – and of course my grandmother’s Plum pudding, full of 5p pieces wrapped in foil.

For anyone who is a bit tired of turkey, what alternatives meats would you recommend for over Christmas – not necessarily just for Christmas day but for entertaining at any point the whole period?

I think that Pheasant is a brilliant alternative, as long as it is not overcooked – roast them for no more than 45 minutes, then rest for ages. Better than a turkey any day and a tenth of the price.

What quick to prepare dishes do you fall back on when you’re entertaining, perhaps for unexpected extra guests?

I always have Venison chops in the freezer, which are quick to defrost and when cooked to crunchy perfection – blackened on the outside and juicy and pink in the middle – are a revelation when accompanied by a few potatoes and some greens.

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