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Article written by 06 February 2014

Cookery School on Little Portland Street, founded by Rosalind Rathouse, is offering, for the first time, a game cookery class. One of the only cookery schools in London to offer game cookery, they will be teaching pupils how to get the most from this healthy, sustainable and delicious meat.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook game? Do you shoot? Or perhaps you enjoy choosing game off the menu when dining out…but you do not have the confidence to cook it at home.  Then this new game cookery class could be perfect for you.

The class destroys the myth that game is tricky to cook. Cookery School would love the opportunity to show you that. As well as being a highly sustainable and healthy meat, game is also delicious. It is gaining in popularity again and, these days, can be readily found in supermarket refrigeration counters all year round with many speciality butchers selling an even wider range of game throughout each season.

At Cookery School you will learn how to cook roast stuffed pheasant with bread sauce served with its own gravy along with steamed green veg as well as a most delicious venison ragout with soft polenta. You’ll then sit down to eat what you’ve cooked and finish with and an apple and quince crumble with whipped vanilla cream along with coffee/teas.

Class details: Friday 14th February 2014, 10am – 1pm.

Book online: http://www.cookeryschool.co.uk/product/game/

Time:     10am – 1pm
Date:     Friday 14th February

Cost:      £100

Web:     www.cookeryschool.co.uk

WIN a FREE place visit https://www.facebook.com/williampowellgun for your chance to win a FREE place. Winner will be pulled Friday 7th February 2014

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