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Article written by 29 September 2016

Tackle and Guns is Britain’s only monthly shooting and fishing Trade magazine. They routinely carry out secret visits to Gun and Fishing Tackle Shops all over the Country and then write their reviews up.

On July the 27th 2016, their Secret Shopper visited William Powell here in Banbury, Oxfordshire. None of our staff were aware of who they were or the purpose of their visit.  We did however find out following this visit, that we had been awarded the incredible high score of 94/100 and as a result received the prize of Star Shop from Tackle and Guns magazine. The Secret Shopper wrote;

‘An old established gunsmiths, and it’s easy to see why it has survived. It is nearly faultless. The stair issue was all I could find wrong. That aside, worth an extended visit to suck up the atmosphere of superb service’.

The Secret Shopper’s first impressions on visiting our building was the size of the premises and the parking immediately outside.  Upon entering the showroom they were impressed by the layout and our range of clothing on display as well as the gunroom.  A score of 10/10 was awarded for cleanliness with a comment to say;

even the magazines looked like they had been polished’.


William Powell Showroom

The manner in which our products are displayed was also recognised with them writing that;

Plenty of clothing and ancillary products were beautifully displayed with very nice POS, wooden cabinets and shelving.  Plenty of light- all in all a very nice feel to the showroom’.

The Gunroom also received very good comments and we were awarded 10/10 for all aspects commenting on how beautiful were the guns and how they were displayed.  Quite a compliment!  

The Secret Shopper also wrote;

“the young chap I spoke to was encyclopaedic in his knowledge of guns and shooting…”


Cleaning Accessories

The area in which we unfortunately lost the six marks was due to limited accessibility to the showroom because it is on the first floor of our building.  Due to the stairs, the Secret Shopper felt that this made it difficult for those individuals with a pushchair or mobility issues to experience the showroom. However, we obviously needed to tell them that next to the main entrance door of the building is a bell which if rung will bring us down and we can then bring any product which a customer wishes to inspect down to a private viewing room on the ground floor.  We also have disabled toilet facilities for changing in downstairs if they would like to try any of the clothing on.

Overall the Secret Shopper was highly impressed with our shop feeling that they had had a memorable experience, with incredibly helpful staff who did not at any point make the Secret Shopper feel patronised, overwhelmed or coerced into any decision.

William Powell prides itself on its customer service and helpful knowledge which we offer to all our customers. This award confirms this. 

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