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Article written by 08 November 2012

Game meat is good for you – fact! Whether it has fur or feathers, it is always low in cholesterol and fat and tastes great. However, the fact that it is very lean makes it sometimes tricky to cook. Pork, beef and lamb are suffused with fat, which gives the cook a lot of leeway – you have to be a bit heavy handed to ruin a rib eye of beef, whereas wild venison will dry out in a heartbeat if you do not treat it with respect.

For those with a freezer at home stuffed with game birds or venison by the end of the season, you might be interested in picking up a few expert tips on ‘field-to-table’ cookery from The Game & Wild Food Cookery School in Yattendon, West Berkshire.

Owned by Mike Robinson, a presenter on ITV1’s Countrywise Kitchen and owner of The Pot Kiln pub in West Berkshire, the School’s many courses quickly dispel any myths that game is too strong for most palates.

The Essential Game Course is an excellent starting point for those new to game cookery or for those who need a little more confidence.  An in-depth introduction to the preparation, butchery and cooking of wild food, this one-day hands-on course teaches knife skills, the rules of hanging game, flavour combinations and different cooking methods to suit different meats.

Expect to cover a selection of recipes such as Pigeon, Bacon and Black Pudding Salad; Wild Rabbit Rillette with Parsley and Chives; Pheasant Goujons with Homemade Mayonnaise and Slow-braised Venison Stew.

Really tasty, quality dishes to feed the whole family!

The Game & Wild Food Cookery School run courses every month with half-day demonstrations priced at £75 per person and one day courses like the Essential Game Course at £195 per person.  For further information about The Mike Robinson Game &Wild Food Cookery School please refer to the website: www.gamecookeryschool.co.uk or call 01635 200 200.


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