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Article written by 04 October 2012

This is what I did with my first grouse – it had never really occurred to me that hanging game would be a difficulty because of the heat, but the weather at the time I shot these was fairly warm so they were dealt with on the day they were shot.

Although plucked properly to enjoy a roast, the future Mrs Church reminded me that as she doesn’t really like pheasant as a roast, she probably wouldn’t like grouse. So I breasted them, and also retained the legs.

I wrapped the breast individually in streaky bacon to make parcels, the bacon thinned by stretching over the back of a knife. Any similar cured, dried pork with a bit of fat and thinly sliced would do. In the parcel went some sausage meat and a generous handful of sage. Depending upon your taste, this could be pretty good with black pudding or something similar. I first started using this recipe with boned rabbit saddle, which is also pretty good, although it would work well with just about any game. The big win here is that it keeps it nice and moist.

These parcels are then browned in a frying pan (carefully to retain the parcels in parcel shape), roasted for ten minutes in an oven heated to about 200c, and then rested for ten minutes. This will give you quite pink game, so adjust to taste. I usually roast the legs alongside.

These are best served sliced thinly into medallions and laid on top of mashed potato, showing the colour of the sage, grouse and sausage in profile. I then make a sauce (or ‘jus’ if you have swallowed a cook book) – there are plenty that would work well, but for the game I go for reduced sloe gin (using the pan that the parcels have been roasted in), with some cream whisked in, a bit of red wine vinegar to balance and sometimes redcurrent jelly or similar.

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