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Jack Bull

Jack Bull

Trainee Land Agent at JM Osborne

  1. Hunting in Botswana


    Botswana is a little known gem in Southern Africa, squeezed between South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a unique haven that has avoided the normal troubles in this part of the world. With a population of around two Read the Rest…

  2. How to Clean your Shotgun

    How To

    For most people their gun is a very special object. Whether it is a Boss or a Baikal they can have huge sentimental value and also constitute a significant financial investment. To this end it is impossible to over-exaggerate the Read the Rest…

  3. From Farmer to Game Keeper

    Rural Matters

    The Glenogil Estate is one of Scotland’s finest sporting estates, encompassing over 23,000 acres of fantastically beautiful and diverse countryside. There are six grouse beats (Over 17,000 acres) and a well established pheasant and partridge shoot. Set in the Angus Read the Rest…