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Joe Toot

Joe Toot

Joseph F. Toot, Jr is the retired President and Chief Executive Officer of The Timken Company. Mr Toot joined the Timken Company in 1962. He began his career in manufacturing and then concentrated on the Company’s business outside the United States. He was elected an Officer in 1967 and a Director in 1968. He became Executive Vice President in 1973. He was elected President of The Timken Company in 1979 and Chief Executive Officer in 1992. Mr. Toot retired as President and Chief Executive Officer in December of 1997. At that time, The Timken Company ranked 18th among the 1,000 largest U.S. corporations in terms of growth in earnings over a ten year period. He has held leadership positions in many civic, educational and philanthropic organizations. Mr. Toot is a member of the Legion of Honor and received the Elbert H. Gary Medal for distinguished service to the steel industry. He is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Princeton University and the Harvard Business School. In retirement, Mr. Toot has been a member of the Board of Directors of several New York Stock Exchange companies and a European company. He has worked in different branches of the Federal Government, including the National Security Agency. He is a volunteer at The First Tee. The winner of the Senior Division at the National Clay Target Shooting Championship, Mr. toot is a writer whose articles on shooting are published in British and American magazines.

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