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William Alldis

Raised on the family farm in Epping, William Alldis picked up a rifle around the same time he picked up a saucepan – aged five. His father Michael taught him a good eye in the barn with an air rifle, then swiftly progressed him to shotguns, from where he’s never looked back. William’s grandmother, and mother Isabel, took on joint responsibility for his cooking prowess – we believe the first recipe he mastered was ‘Granny Biscuits’. Both shooting and cooking remained William’s passions while he attended Cirencester’s Royal Agricultural College, which he left to become a full-time chef. His immense talent for cookery remained somewhat of a national secret due to his severe dyslexia until he met and married his magazine editor wife Abigail, who helped him launch this blog. It was somewhat of a shotgun marriage, as they were engaged within five days of meeting. Naturally, her wedding gifts from William included a stout pair of Hunter wellies, a subscription to The Field, an antique shotgun and a falcon called Feathers. Being branded ‘the most stylish’ ‘laidback’ and ‘natural’ shot many accomplished guns have ever seen, William continues to combine his passion for photography, wildlife, food and, of course, shooting with his soon to be published cookery book The Shotgun Chef and highly successful pop up game restaurants he holds in the fishing village of Wivenhoe.

  1. Christmas Goose

    At Home

    Shotgun Chef, William Alldis, shows you how to cook the perfect goose this Christmas! It’s now December and Christmas is allowed to be mentioned. And so, as far as I’m concerned, is the meal. This for me is hugely important Read the Rest…