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Thomas Kier

Thomas Kier

Thomas Kier is an all around shooting enthusiast, whose interest spreads from the social to the technical, and encompasses sport with gun and rifle from the moors of his native England to the Sonaran deserts of his adoptive home in Arizona. Brought up on a dairy farm in Hertfordshire Thomas began shooting, at age 10, by clearing rabbits with a decrepit single barrel .410 and as a school cadet competed in full-bore rifle shooting competitions for four years . He ran a considerable commercial pheasant and partridge shoot in Hertfordshire through the 1990s, he has been an active stalker of Red Deer in the Highlands and has made several safaris to hunt plains and dangerous game in Africa. Following his business to the USA in 2001 he is settled, and married, in Arizona where he regularly competes in sporting clays competitions, shoots handguns and practices long-range rifle shooting. Thomas returns to the UK twice each shooting season, and is presently hoping to secure the management of a small moorland farm in Derbyshire.

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