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The Story of the Dubarry Galway Boot


Article written by 09 December 2016

The extremely popular Dubarry Galway boot has been made with great care since 1937 and is inspired by the West Coast of Ireland. Dubarry country boots blend heritage with the latest technology. Using premium cowhide which is ‘toggled’ and carefully dried, then steamed and flattened before the boots are made. The boots use eighteen hand cut pieces of superior leather per pair, that are both supple and strong. They are Gore-Tex lined which ensures the boots are waterproof and breathable. The layers of the boot are softened in preparation for almost four thousand stitches, which go into making every pair.  They are soft, durable and made to withstand the elements. The soles are injection moulded to the upper without using glue or stitching to improve strength and to provide superior underfoot comfort.

William Powell offer the Galway in two colours and three calf widths to ensure you get the perfect fit! Call us on 01295 701 701 for more information, or visit our website today www.williampowell.com or for the Dubarry Galway Boot: http://bit.ly/2goGVXV

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