William Powell Country


  1. Winter Blues all Fished Away

    Article written by William Church 14 November 2013

    We’re now getting to the time of year where most pack up their fishing gear until the spring – some will get out in February for some strong spring salmon (or even January on some West Country rivers), but others Read the Rest…

  2. My Perfect BBQ

    Article written by William Church 15 August 2013

    As the days start to shorten a little, and we find ourselves in the heat of the dog days, my mind wanders from fishing the rivers, so plentiful in sport during the spring and now on their bones and holding Read the Rest…

  3. Bass Before Work

    Article written by William Church 18 July 2013

    The bass season has finally started for me. It has been very late coming to the south coast I am led to understand, however there are now fish showing up one by one. I am progressing with my plan to Read the Rest…

  4. English Squid on a Spring Day

    Article written by William Church 27 June 2013

    As those of you who have been reading my articles will know, part of my fishing plan of 2013 is about building knowledge, particularly around new to me techniques, to be employed on the south coast. It was with some Read the Rest…

  5. Sussex Cullen Skink using the Newhaven Whiting

    Article written by William Church 10 January 2013

    Another treat I have started smoking is a Sussex take on the Finnan Haddie (or haddock), but rather than being made of haddock it is of whiting. The whiting is a smaller relative of the haddock and the cod, and Read the Rest…

  6. Mulling Over Mullet

    Article written by William Church 09 August 2012

    Mullet have always been a bit of an enigma to me. I grew up reading how difficult they are to catch, and during my younger years used to spot them off the side of my grandfather’s sailing boat. This was Read the Rest…

  7. Summer Salmon

    Article written by William Church 18 July 2012

    The anticipation was always a bit too much to cope with. Full of promise and excitement, but you always knew that you were hoping for too much. The nearer the river you got, the more you’d be telling yourself that Read the Rest…