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Greys GRXi+ rod – Product Review


Article written by 06 September 2012

The Greys GRXi+ rod is the last in the line of GRX rods from Greys. It is a middle of the range rod which sells for between £99.99 and £169.99 depending on the model. The 9’6″ #7 we are looking at today costs £144.99. The first rods to carry the name GRX were bottom of the range rods designed for beginners. In fact, the GRX was Anglian Water’s rod of choice for all their beginners’ courses. My first fly rod was a GRX and it was a perfect beginner’s rod, light and well balanced yet strong and forgiving.

When you first pick up the new GRXi+ the differences are quite obvious. The new rod has been given a makeover with better cork and a slimmer prettier green blank. I thought the old rod was light but this new one is much lighter which means it’s AFTM rating is much more accurate. The old rod was rated a #6/7 and there were very few people who could make it work a number 6 line very well. It was a given that you always went for at least the higher rating. With the new rod however, it is simply rated as number 7 and that is what line it casts best.

When out on the bank with the GRXi+, its lighter softer blank is immediately noticeable. This rod feels more like a top of the range rod rather than a beginner’s rod. Its softer casting action allows a much more controlled cast and increased line speed with far less effort than the original. It hasn’t got the lovely soft action of an old Hardy rod and every now and again if you haven’t got your timing right you know about it. But it is a very well rounded fishing rod and one that I could imagine using for many years to come without ever thinking I need to upgrade.

In conclusion, this is a far far better rod than the old GRX, but then it should be, it’s nearly £50 more expensive. I don’t see this rod as an improvement on the GRX. Its differences are too great. I see this as more of a next step up for the old generation of GRX users. It’s an intermediate rod. Once you start forgetting the GRX and think of this as a new intermediate level rod it represents excellent value for money and is a rod that will last an experienced angler many years for less than £200.


Lighter and softer than the original

New stylish design

Great medium quality rod for £150


£50 more expensive than the original

In the middle of a confusing range

4 out of 5


Daniel Todd (William Powell Gun Room)

Dan previously formed part of the William Powell team, a gun expert based in the Gun Room. Read more.

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