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Rio Fluroflex Plus Leaders – Product Review


Article written by 06 July 2012

Rio claim that their Fluroflex plus is the thinnest, strongest fluorocarbon leader on the market. So with a claim like that, I had to try some out on my next trout fishing trip.

The massive increase in people using fluorocarbon leaders in fly fishing in recent years is due to the long list of benefits it has over monofilament. These include; the lack of stretch meaning you can feel a take much quicker. It’s stiffness helps turn your flies over easier and it’s refractive index is the same as water and therefore makes it nearly invisible. There are of course negative points to using fluorocarbon like the fact that you have to be extremely careful with your knots, because of it’s stiffness.

I am a fluorocarbon convert and I will not use anything else when fly fishing I have used many brands in the past and on this occasion I am putting Rio Fluroflex plus to the test. I am using 7lb breaking strain which is my favourite for fishing large still waters where I am likely to encounter 2-4lb hard fighting rainbows. First impressions are good. It knots well and is just the right stiffness for ease of fishing and fly presentation. The diameter is excellent for it’s breaking strain. At only 0.17mm it should outsmart any rainbow!

After fishing for an hour it is obvious they have the stiffness just right. I’m fishing with a cross wind from left to right and with a leader that was too supple, I would have an abundance of wind knots by now. However, on this occasion, my 15′ leader has none. I should also mention I am fishing with a team of 3 flies and the droppers are presented perfectly, which just shows the stiffness of this leader is spot on. Twenty minutes later I hook my first fish. It is a really aggressive take which is a perfect test for the strength of this fluorocarbon. It performed faultlessly and handled this 3lb rainbow with ease.

At the end of the day, I’ve caught 9 fish between 2 and 5lb with not a single broken leader or horrendous tangle. This Fluroflex plus really is special and has obviously been designed by someone who knows just what the modern trout fisherman needs. Best of all it is confidence inspiring, because when the fishing is tough, it’s nice to know your leader isn’t going to let you down.


Stiffness is just right for most fishing situations

Excellent diameter for strength

Pure fluorocarbon so nearly invisible in water


It isn’t the cheapest

You have to pull your knots up very tight because of it’s stiffness.

Overall Score 


The Rio Fluroflex Plus is available from William Powell


Daniel Todd (William Powell Gun Room)

Dan previously formed part of the William Powell team, a gun expert based in the Gun Room. Read more.

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