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Alliance urges shooting community


Article written by 18 October 2012

Alliance urges shooting community: Write to WH Smith on “ridiculous and ignorant” decision

The Countryside Alliance has branded the decision of WH Smith to prevent the sale of shooting magazines to children under the age of 14 as “ridiculous and ignorant”.

In a statement, WH Smith stated “As part of our commitment to operate our business responsibly, we have a till prompt on shooting titles.”

The decision seems to be based on the erroneous belief that people under the age of fourteen are not allowed to shoot. There is no age limit for a shotgun certificate in Great Britain, and a recent survey by the Countryside Alliance found that almost one third of people who shoot learn to whilst under the age of 12.

This decision not only shows a complete lack of understanding of the law, but also WH Smith’s own customers, as many young people enjoy reading these magazines. The same Countryside Alliance survey found that 30% of young shooters read magazines to learn more information about their sport.

Shooting Campaign Manager David Taylor said “The decision is ridiculous and ignorant, as well as absurd. You cannot stand for parliament until you are 18, so will WH Smith stop selling newspapers because they discuss politics? Instead, they are prepared to sell magazines which depict violence, pornography and other explicit material to young people. I advise everyone who shoots to contact WH Smith with their thoughts until they reverse this decision.”

Write to WH Smith Chairman, Mr Walker Boyd, on customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk


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