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Glorious Thirteenth


Article written by 09 August 2012

After months of mouth-watering anticipation, the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ heralds the start of the grouse season. But this year, due to the 12th August being a Sunday, it actually starts a day later on the 13th August!

Grouse is highly regarded for its rich, lean meat and is a prized seasonal British delicacy at this time of year.

Completely wild and only native to the UK, grouse live off our globally rare heather moorlands which makes their flavour so unique and delicious, and by eating it, you are helping the conservation of the moorlands and a host of other important birds and animals its management helps to protect.

Grouse is often best simply roasted rare or medium so that the natural flavour can be enjoyed and serve it with traditional accompaniments such as wafer thin game chips and bread sauce.

Game to Eat

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