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Lord James Percy shoots the Zenith Supreme


Article written by 11 August 2015

Lord James Percy launches the new William Powell side by side shotgun at the CLA Game Fair 2015.

The celebration of the Great British countryside began on Friday 31st July at this year’s CLA Game Fair which was attended by more than 131,000 people.  The grounds of Harewood House filled with country folk who were eager to explore all things rural, have a go at clay shooting and spectate the numerous demonstrations from falconry to gun dogs, as well as browse the extensive array of exhibitors.

As ever William Powell exhibited at the event with their entire range of continental shotguns and their hugely famous sale tent, which proved to be very popular during the course of the weekend. With the CLA Game Fair being such a popular event and Harewood House being the most picturesque setting, William Powell decided it was the perfect time to launch their new side by side shotgun, the Zenith Supreme.

ZS Launch 14 - Smaller SizeLord James Percy shooting Fieldsports Magazine’s Grouse Butt Challenge at this year’s CLA Game Fair.

The Zenith Supreme has been built with tradition in mind and is the pinnacle of modern Gunmaking with its seven pin rebounding locks, and fully assisted self-opening action. The gun is exquisitely finished with a hand engraved traditional William Powell rose and scroll pattern, much like our classic William Powell guns when they were built in Birmingham. The stock built with exhibition grade walnut, oiled by hand and finished in England can be built to the measurements of your choice and will be hand chequered in the best William Powell style. The finish of this gun is exceptional, providing a traditional look and feel making it the finest alternative to English made guns with a much more appealing price tag, starting from only £15,500.

mXlHnr25I6p8xQS34_u1IUpK-MdkPQSdhrEiH7v_A9kThe Zenith Supreme.

The Zenith Supreme was launched by Lord James Percy on the Friday as he shot Fieldsports Magazine’s Grouse Butt Challenge. The Grouse Butt Challenge gave keen shots the opportunity to test their skills by using a William Powell side by side, to shoot a sequence of breakneck Grouse like targets. The challenge proved to be exceedingly popular throughout the weekend, with many keen shots willing to try and win themselves prizes worth over £2,500.

ZS Launch 2 - Smaller SizeManaging Director of William Powell, Mark Osborne with Lord James Percy.

For more information about the William Powell Zenith Supreme please call our Gunroom team on 01295 701 701 or email gunroom@williampowell.com

ZS Launch 18 - Smaller Size.Mark Osborne shoots the Zenith Supreme.

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