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New Code of Good Shooting Practice


Article written by 20 September 2012

The revised shooting-body agreed Code of Good Shooting Practice is available to download or in hard copy from the Countryside Alliance.

The new Code of Good Shooting Practice has been published and is required reading for everyone involved in shooting in Britain.

The Code has been agreed jointly by the Countryside Alliance, the CLA, BASC, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, GWCT, the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association, Scottish Land & Estates, the Game Farmers’ Association.

The Code observes that “We must never be complacent about the future of shooting” and sets out five golden rules about the safety, respect and sustainability that underpin shooting.

The Code’s ten sections provide advice that MUST be followed and advice that SHOULD be followed regarding behaviour, responsibility, the public highway, management, game as food etc.

Countryside Alliance Shooting Campaign Manager David Taylor commented: “It is important when we are out shooting that safety and respect for the quarry are paramount. It is also vital to show the best possible face to the non-shooting users of the countryside. With the game season getting underway, many people with little knowledge of shooting may encounter our sport for the first time. First impressions count and shape the public’s views of shooting and the shooting community. The Code of Good Shooting Practice gives practical guidance for guns and shoot owners, regardless of their experience, and details how they can show the utmost respect for their quarry and gain the utmost respect from the public.”

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