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Olympics bring a lasting legacy for small and micro producers


Article written by 04 October 2012

Small and micro businesses are now able to use SALSA certification as an alternative to the BRC Global food standard following a successful trial with the Red Tractor scheme during the Olympic Games.

The news comes following approval from Red Tractor, which will allow SALSA certified members to use its logo on their products, where it is appropriate.

Recognition of the scheme came as a direct result of the Food Vision Standards for the London 2012 Olympics, which sought to use Red Tractor produce where possible. SALSA provided Red Tractor with a solution of how to allow small and micro business the opportunity to access the logo.

David Clarke, CEO of Red Tractor Assurance said: “We are pleased they can use the logo to show the high standards that are being adhered to throughout the supply chain. While we are unable to recognise the SALSA logo for fresh meat processing, including sausages, bacon and ham, we hope many businesses will explore the new option to apply for a licence to use the Red Tractor logo.”

Chris Grimes, SALSA scheme director, said: “We are delighted that SALSA has reached a size and stature within the industry to receive this recognition from Red Tractor, the mutual recognition of the standard is continuing to be a great benefit to small and micro producers who are looking to combine their assurance of standards and provenance with food safety”.

Acceptance of SALSA by the Red Tractor is available to small and micro food processing business for fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Salsa is not accepted for the processing of fresh meat and poultry, including sausage, bacon and ham manufacturing. More specific arrangements are in place for smaller fresh meat producers, with full details being available from the Red Tractor.


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