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Tom Payne – Shooting Instructor


Article written by 18 July 2013

Having recently featured in Fieldsports magazine and The Shooting Times, Oxfordshire based Shooting Instructor Tom Payne is certainly on the up.

A farmer’s son, having shot from the age of 8, shooting is very much in Tom’s blood.

After finishing at The Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and several years instructing at West London Shooting School under his belt, Tom is coming in to his second season as a freelance, private Shooting Instructor. His passion to develop young and novice shots is apparent when watching him teach, and his professional, patient and personable manner makes him a fantastically versatile instructor.

Tom Payne

Tom Payne
















As well as a passionate instructor, Tom is becoming increasingly known for his knowledge and expertise when it comes to pigeon shooting, and having worked for several years as a professional pigeon shot, there’s no one better qualified to identify how and where to have a successful day on the pigeons.

Working closely with the team at William Powell, Tom now carries out the majority of their Gun Fits and works with the team in order to help develop their own shooting and instruction skills. “Tom is fantastic with our clients when carrying out gun fits, he understands the importance of consistent gun mount and technique in order to get the most accurate gun fit, so his skills as an instructor are paramount” says Rick Bond, Gun Room Manager at William Powell.

If you have any questions for Tom about how to improve your game shooting or pigeon shooting please e-mail them to emma@williampowell.com and we’ll put them to Tom and publish the answers on William Powell Country.

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