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Wildlife Habitat Improvement Guide for Wildfowl


Article written by 18 April 2013

The Countryside Alliance is pleased to announce the publication of “A Guide to Improving Habitat for Wildfowl”. The guide features examples and case studies drawn from the shooting community over the last decade which highlight the vital, but often largely unseen, contribution that shooting plays in maintaining and enhancing wetland habitats. The guide was commissioned to assist land and shoot managers in enhancing the environment and their shooting. Created by Thyme Consultants on behalf of the Countryside Alliance, it is not intended to be a detailed technical manual but rather a practical look at the options available to shoots with wetland areas. A wide range of wetland habitats are investigated, from saltmarsh to ponds, scrapes and ditches, and case studies are drawn from Devon, Hull and Gloucestershire amongst others.
In addition to acting as inspiration for those who manage land for shooting, the Guide also shows the wider public the countless ways in which shooting interests benefit the natural environment for all to enjoy, whether they shoot or not. The free guide is available for all shoot owner and managers, and can be downloaded from the Countryside Alliance website.

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