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Fields of Dreams – Lord James Percy


Article written by 08 December 2014

“A journey of sporting passion”

By far our best selling book here at William Powell, and possibly one of our best selling products over the 2013 Christmas period in regards to volume. Since it’s release, this book has proven incredibly popular with anyone interested in shooting, fieldsports and the countryside. Beautifully bound and covered, and full of magnificent photography, this book is a must have for any home library or bookshelf.

Book Synopsis:

“Growing up in the wilds of Northumberland and Scotland, James Percy has enjoyed a privileged life dominated by sporting adventures. He shares his deep respect for the Great British countryside and his passion for conservation, wildlife, shooting and fishing in a series of beautifully written essays. He recalls sepia-tinted memories of childhood trips to river banks and moorland, and his developing love affairs with pigeons, grouse, salmon, trout… family dogs and girls. Now married with four children, his young family plays a big part in his sporting life. Home, at Linhope, in Northumberland, is also the base for the grouse, pheasant and partridge shoots that he has painstakingly developed since the 1980s. Snapshot entries from some of his 2007 and 2008 diary pages highlight the heartache, triumphs and disasters that shoots endure in this part of the world. But shooting and fishing are only part of the story. James Percy is first and foremost a passionate countryman and he writes not so much about the numbers of game or weight of fish, but the very essence of the creatures, traditions and characters. It is a colourful mosaic of unapologetic nostalgia, quiet comedy and Northumbrian humour,  the hard truths and gentle reflections of a northern countryman’s way of life.”

About the author:

“James Percy was born in Northumberland , bought up at Alnwick Castle and educated at Eton and Bristol University. His love and passion for wildlife, conservation, the countryside, its people and and sporting traditions come from wisdom instilled at an early age by his father, as well as spending every minute of every holiday with his brothers and cousins, keepers and ghillies in a fairly relentless pursuit of pigeons and trout, salmon and grouse, rabbits and ducks.

He works in security and telecoms, property and farming and has been design and marketing consultant for J Barbour and Sons for ten years and is Honorary Colonel of 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and ex-Chairman of Countryside Learning.

James lives at Linhope in north Northumberland with his wife Lucy and their four children, two labradors and two border terriers. He is also a regular columnist in Fieldsports magazine.

‘Fields of Dreams’ is available at www.williampowell.com

Please note: Limited signed copies of this book available


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