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The Perdix


Article written by 18 July 2013

The Perdix is the latest William Powell continental over and under to be added to the range. Made by Batista Rizzini exclusively for William Powell it feature a deep carved surrounded game scene engraved side plated action. Available in 12 and 20 bore with 28” or 30” barrels and a 15” semi pistol grip as standard. The gun comes with a set of 5 multi chokes and cased in an ABS case.

The Perdix, at £2,995, fits perfectly between the Perseus at £1,795 and the Phoenix at £5,450. It really has no competitor at that price, being nearly £3000 cheaper than the RRP of a Beretta EELL and a £1000 cheaper than the Rizzini Artemis on which it’s based.


The dark best quality walnut compliments the coin finished game scene and rounded forend makes the gun nice to handle and shoot. The sideplate helps spread the weight between the hands and at 7lbs 9oz it is heavy enough to soak up the recoil but is light enough to be a lively gun on a variety of targets. Built on the Rizzini monoblock CNC machined action which has unrivalled strength qualities and with our William Powell 5 year guarantee it is an extremely well built gun with looks to match.


The Perdix really suits someone who is looking for an elegant, attractive and well handling gun at an affordable price. We really feel confident in the success of this gun, with the chance to own a truly unique William Powell over and under at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, why go elsewhere?

Rick Bond (William Powell Gun Room)

Part of the William Powell team, a gun expert based in the Gun Room. Rick specialises in game shooting and English guns. .

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