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William Powell Red Clay


Article written by 30 May 2013
William Powell Red Clay Cartridges

William Powell Red Clay Cartridges

The Red Clay is a part of the William Powell Cartridges range. It is, as the name suggests, perfectly suited to smashing clays. Constructed to William Powell’s specification by Gamebore it was designed to be a fast cartridge aimed at the full spectrum of sporting shooters equally suited to shooting with friends on an old trap as it is in a competitive environment. Based on the enormously popular Blue Diamond it uses high quality components to make a cartridge that you will really enjoy using. It is currently available at a reduced price of £165/1000 so make the most of this cracking offer and use it as a good excuse to get some lead in the air and have some fun!


William Powell Red Clay

Load: 28 gram (1oz)

Shot Size: 7.5

Case: 70mm

Wad: Fibre

Jack Bull

Trainee Land Agent at JM Osborne

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