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British Farming

  1. Mud, Fog and Wildfowl

    Article written by Tim Watts 06 December 2012

    Our part of Suffolk like most of the country is a boggy mess with frustrated farmers unable to drill Autumn crops. However, generally the harvest has been good here and we can count ourselves very lucky compared to many parts Read the Rest…

  2. Windhager Biomass Heating

    Article written by Vantage PR 11 October 2012

    Park Farm Goes For Windhager Biomass Heating Park Farm was in need of a complete refurbishment so the decision was made to enter the renewable sector to heat the farmhouse that would provide a low CO2 solution. Located in an Read the Rest…

  3. Young Farmers Do It In Wellies!

    Article written by Amy Brown 13 September 2012

    How young farmers clubs country wide are fighting the stereotype. When asked to think about young farmers in the community, a stereotypical image of straw-chewing, cider-swilling ruffians can spring to mind! Having been on the committee of Wormleighton YFC for Read the Rest…