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Game management can boost
Forestry Panel’s aim for more woodland

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Article written by 09 July 2012

Game management offers a major opportunity to expand woodland says the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) as the Independent Forestry Panel prepares to publish its report on the future of woodlands in England.

“Farmers and individual landowners can play a vital part in improving our countryside through carefully designed woodland planting in the future,” said Tom Oliver, Director of Communications at the GWCT.

“Responsible game management has a key role in achieving a greater area of woodland rich in wildlife and enhancing the landscape.  There is sound evidence to show that interest in gamebirds is linked to the planting of woods and hedges and their good management for a range of wild species,” Tom Oliver continued.

Over the years, farmers and others who are interested in encouraging game birds, including pheasants, have contributed significantly to the expansion of woodland and its careful management which benefits many bird, butterfly and plant species.

The Woodland Trust, (represented on the Independent Forestry Panel) and GWCT have teamed up to help farmers, land owners and gamekeepers create woods abundant in wildlife as well as gamebirds, with guidance launched at the CLA Game Fair in July 2011.

“The future of our forests matters to everyone. Game management can play its part in helping us have more woods, better managed in the future,” Tom Oliver concluded.

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