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Article written by 09 July 2012

The Angus Glens

Glenogil is one of the finest shooting Estates in Scotland. The Estates now includes neighbouring Glenmoy and Nathro Moors to give a total of six separate days Grouse driving.

Glenogil Grouse are true Highland Grouse which can befuddle even the most experienced shooter used to the more reliable birds of the North of England moors.

In addition there are some fantastic Pheasant and Partridge drives over deep valleys which provide outstanding sport later on in the year.

The rough shooting opportunities on the Estate are almost limitless with Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant, Snipe, Woodcock, Hare, Rabbit, as well as fantastic duck flighting on various ponds which produce Wigeon, Teal and Mallard.

Glenogil has another jewel in its crown and this is the newly refurbished Redheugh Lodge. It was recently described as “totally amazing” by one of the most experienced Sporting Agents in the country and the nine ensuite double rooms complement the delicious food and wine superbly. It is a wonderful venue for a private party or for corporate hospitality.

The superb accommodation combines with the myriad of sporting opportunities on the Estate to make this a shoot not to be missed!


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