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Article written by 25 October 2012


Musto have been working with the Trust since 2009 and every Loddington Jacket sold, Musto donate 5% of sales to support the invaluable research carried out by the Trust.

Woodcock Watch Update

In 2007 the GWCT’S research into the woodcock proved the UK population was around 77,000 rather than the 6,000 that had previously been thought. This research helped to keep the Woodcock on the quarry list for us to enjoy. The current research project has provided even more information about this magical, elusive little bird.

In February 2012 the GWCT tagged a total of 12 woodcock from Cornwall, Wales, Norfolk, Durham and the Scottish Highlands in order to monitor them as they migrated to their breeding grounds in Europe. With only one bird not producing data the trust has 11 successful birds making it to their breeding grounds covering some great distances. In the Autumn they will start their return journey back to their wintering grounds in Britain so if you wish to sponsor a bird for only £36 a year please visit www.woodcockwatch.com or call 01425 652381.

Total distance traveled of all 11 birds = 31,272km*
Furthest distance traveled by one bird = 7076km*
Distance as of *1st July 2012

Allerton Project at Loddington

The farm at Loddington, Leicestershire is the former home of Lord and Lady Allerton. They were both keen on field sports and established the Allerton Research and Education Trust in 1992 – now known as the Allerton Project. It has now been at the heart of influencing policy through its own farm business and research activities for 20 years. The project set out to explore the potential of game management on farmland for meeting wider environmental objectives and continues to this day with its combination of commercial farming, research, demonstration and community engagement.

In the year of the 20th anniversary of the Allerton Project, Musto have re-launched the GWCT jacket in honour of the event. With feedback from many of the Trust’s keen shots and scientists in the field, the new enhanced and improved jacket is fittingly named the Loddington Jacket. The fit has been redefined to ensure a smooth and unhindered gun mount, the fabric is a shade darker and tougher, without being heavy and it still features a GORE-TEX fabric lining, the world’s most durably waterproof and highly breathable fabric.

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