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Late Harvest affecting Pheasant and Partridge Shoots

Rural Matters

Article written by 13 September 2012

The 2012 cereal harvest has been an extremely late one with farmers in most areas of the country only able to get into full flow over the last seven days.

Therefore there have been implications for both Partridge and Pheasant shoots across the country. The late wheat harvest and world shortage due to drought in America has caused wheat prices to be high. With only a small percentage of this year’s UK wheat hitting the markets, the price rose quite dramatically to £220/tonne in August 2012 compared to £164/tonne in the same month in 2011.

This increase when feeding levels are at their highest at this time of year will have a long term effect on the budgets and shoot profitability.

The second impact is on early season partridge shoots. With some reports of days being particularly hard as birds are sheltering in standing Wheat and Barley crops.

The good news is that with the change in the weather much of the cereal crop has now been harvested. However, we are in for some rain this week which may continue to make things challenging on some shoots.

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