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  1. MOLE – THE 1000 DAY DOG

    Article written by James Chapel MRICS 03 August 2018

    A glimpse into the life of a Sporting Agent’s dog     Mole was my first Labrador and, although my family have always had a number of dogs, he was also my first proper gun dog. I lead a very Read the Rest…

  2. Wild Boar in the Loire Valley

    Article written by William Powell Sporting 07 December 2015

    Hunting Wild Boar in France The thrill you feel at the approach of a large Boar is completely different to the excitement of a really good windy day on the Grouse or successfully bringing down a left and right of Read the Rest…

  3. Return Invitation, Check!

    Article written by Will Southall 23 November 2015

    How to receive a return invitation before, during and after a shoot day It’s always a nervous wait before the season starts – Will I be lucky enough this year, or won’t I? Having come from a shooting background myself, Read the Rest…

  4. Gundog Puppy Training – An Introduction

    Article written by LA-NOR GUNDOGS 30 July 2014

    Initial training Dogs are social animals who live in packs. When you introduce a new puppy into your home, as the provider of food, shelter and company, you instantly become the pack leader to that dog. It is your responsibility Read the Rest…

  5. My First Gundog!

    Article written by Emma 20 June 2014

    Not quite ‘My first Sony’ (which it transpires, is a saying not as widely known as I’d first thought – or perhaps I’m now just showing my age). Anyway, I digress, the first gundog is certainly more challenging than the Read the Rest…

  6. A Guide to Choosing a New Gundog Puppy!

    Article written by LA-NOR GUNDOGS 06 June 2014

    Making the commitment to owning a dog should be a careful one so I have put together some pointers to help with that decision process. 1)   Having decided on the breed you would like, the next major choice is whether Read the Rest…

  7. Choosing a Breed of Gundog

    Article written by LA-NOR GUNDOGS 01 May 2014

    Over the centuries man has learnt to harness the natural instincts of the dog to hunt and work in a pack to his advantage. Today we enjoy this team work in the sporting field using the following skills of our Read the Rest…

  8. Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
    Part 6

    Article written by Ted 02 May 2013

    “Ted here and hello to anyone who remembers me.  I am now a one year old golden retriever (I have had my birthday since I last wrote before Christmas) training to be a working dog like my brother Oak. It Read the Rest…

  9. Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
    Part 5

    Article written by Ted 20 December 2012

    Seasons Greeting to all my readers. I think there is something on my owners mind at the moment as he seems to be getting more tired and irritable with every day. Oak says it is due to something called Christmas Read the Rest…

  10. Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
    Part 4

    Article written by Ted 29 November 2012

    Hello again to all my followers and those who have just stumbled across my brilliant blog. It is time to bring you up to date on the strange behaviours of my owner and what he has been up to since Read the Rest…