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  1. Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
    Part 3

    Article written by Ted 01 November 2012

    Hello Readers, I have now received three likes and 2 Tweets so some of you must be reading my greatest thoughts.   Thank you to all my loyal followers. Here are more tails from the dog house.  Actually talking of dog Read the Rest…

  2. Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
    Part 2

    Article written by Ted 18 October 2012

    Hello everyone, Ted here again with tales of my adventures since I last wrote for you. I have to say I am becoming rather confused and can’t help but think that I am being used.  Recently my owner has been Read the Rest…

  3. Straight from the Dog’s Mouth
    Part 1

    Article written by Ted 27 September 2012

    Hello I am Ted, an eight month old Golden Retriever.  I have a half brother called Oak who is two and a very funny owner who does the strangest things. For example when I was about five months he took Read the Rest…

  4. Water Retrieve

    Article written by Louise Slater 13 September 2012

    Introducing your dog to the water can be one of the main difficulties you may encounter in your training. It is a very temperamental exercise that can either go surprisingly smoothly or can be an absolute nightmare. But after I Read the Rest…

  5. Gundog Refresher Exercise

    Article written by Jon Bailey 16 August 2012

    The Glorious 12th (or 13th this year!) has been and it is time to start to do a bit of a refresher course for the season ahead with the trained dogs, getting some fitness is essential, especially those that are going Read the Rest…