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  1. My New Perseus!

    Article written by William Church 19 December 2013

    I finally got the opportunity to take my William Powell Perseus out for a real trial last week. It has languished in my gun cupboard since the end of last season, having come out to shoot a rabbit (a single Read the Rest…

  2. The William Powell Perdix

    Article written by Lewis Potter 20 November 2013

    William Powell Perdix Perdix is the Latin word for partridge and our little grey bird with the cock’s distinctive ‘chiswick’ call is Perdix Perdix.  It is also now the name for the latest gun in William Powell’s Continental range of Read the Rest…

  3. Top Tips for a Healthy Gun this Season

    Article written by Rick Bond (William Powell Gun Room) 24 October 2013

    1. Apply a very small amount of Vaseline with your finger to where the metalwork meets the wood. This will help create a barrier to prevent the water from getting into the action. It really is that simple! 2. While Read the Rest…

  4. New Guns for Old

    Article written by Peter Powell 18 July 2013

    My fore fathers built the very finest shotguns and double rifles and their proud boast going back as far as the 1830’s was that “Our guns will last you a life time”. This they did and still are lasting two Read the Rest…

  5. Understanding Gun Fit

    Article written by Tom Payne 03 April 2013

    When, Why and the Benefits. In this article I will outline my personal and professional opinion with regards to gun fit, when you should have your gun fitted, and why. The basics of gun fit           Gun fit relates to the Read the Rest…

  6. Gun Servicing – Why and How Often

    Article written by Peter Powell 03 April 2013

    I am frequently asked how often you should get your gun cleaned and serviced? It is not as simple as a car service which is either after 10,000 miles or when the red service indicator lights illuminates in the dashboard. Read the Rest…

  7. Lock, Stock and Barrel Series
    Article 6 Sidelock vs Boxlock

    Article written by Peter Powell 13 December 2012

    SIDELOCK vs BOXLOCK There is much discussion about the merits, or otherwise, of the Sidelock over the Boxlock. Is it all about snobbery? Sidelocks are far more expensive and tended to originate, in the main, from London’s West End Gunmakers. Read the Rest…

  8. Post War Birmingham Gun Trade

    Article written by Peter Powell 06 December 2012

    It was B.SA. who nearly succeeded in mass producing double barrel shotguns with interchangeable parts and this was started in 1920! They designed a method of barrel making which was a cross between Chopper Lump and Dovetail lump which did Read the Rest…

  9. Travelling with your Gun

    Article written by Matthew Knight 06 December 2012

    The starting point for any use of your shotgun or rifle is your Shot Gun or Firearm Certificate.  It is good practice to check your Certificate if you are doing something out of the ordinary such as travelling. All Certificates Read the Rest…

  10. Firearms ‘The Legal Series’
    Part 14

    Article written by Matthew Knight 29 November 2012

    Miscellaneous Offences S.19 Firearms Act 1968 makes it an offence for a person, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, to have with him in a public place, a loaded shotgun, an air weapon, whether loaded or not, or any other Read the Rest…