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Lady Shots

  1. Grouse Shooting – For the First Timer!

    Article written by Tiffany Lees 11 September 2014

    It’s safe to say that Grouse shooting is not for the faint hearted! Arduous hilltop climbs, bulky shooting equipment and breakneck speed Grouse – a small price to pay to witness these incredible game birds race across the moorland providing Read the Rest…

  2. Abbey Burton – An Inspiration

    Article written by Emma 06 February 2014

    With a total of 6 individual medals under her belt; 2 bronze and 4 silver from the World and European Championships, a further 5 team medals; 1 bronze, 2 silver and 2 gold at World, European and Commonwealth Championships Abbey Read the Rest…

  3. A Ladies Guide to Game Shooting

    Article written by Tiffany Lees 23 January 2014

    Ladies, you may have noticed once the Glorious Twelfth arrives, the men in your lives disappear until 1st of February! There is one simple explanation for this, the Game Season. The Game season commences on August the 12th and runs Read the Rest…

  4. Getting in to Shooting

    Article written by Emma 29 August 2013

    As gold medal winner Peter Wilson said, “Sometimes shooting has a bit of a reputation as a rich man’s pastime, and as a closed and close-knit community. I’d like to change that. It’s neither elitist nor expensive to do” – Read the Rest…

  5. Ladies Wear for Shooting

    Article written by Tiffany Lees 15 August 2013

    Shooting is a prestigious sport enjoyed by both men and women in Britain. Shooting, whether it be shooting game birds or shooting clay pigeons is a vastly popular sport. In recent times I have noticed an increased level of interest Read the Rest…

  6. 28 Inches of Satisfaction

    Article written by Kate Knight 24 January 2013

    My formative years in Essex gave no chance or inclination to follow country pursuits. It wasn’t until the grand age of 55 whilst spending 4 days on a promotional stand at E.J Churchill, that I began to understand the appeal Read the Rest…