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Article written by 20 March 2013
Partridge feather

Once again the weather has been a major factor throughout last season. Initially the draught threatened early drilling for cover crops but this fear was quickly banished with the arrival of the rain. Unfortunately it never stopped and this, combined with generally lower than average temperatures., lead to poor germination and then growth of a variety of crops throughout the country.

On top of this the poor weather lead to very difficult conditions for rearing and releasing partridges and pheasants, with large numbers feared lost in many areas.

Once we actually started shooting the weather did improve for a while but a foggy period at the end of October/early November led to cancelled days and then, with the end nearly in sight, the snow arrived in January to prevent shooting throughout large areas of the country!

Despite all of this there have been some very successful shoots from the South Coast to the Angus Glens in Scotland and beyond.

Those shoots spending time and money to get their game covers right, generally succeeded in doing so. Where keepers kept a constant eye on newly arrived poults (and managed to avoid torrential down pours within the first few hours) the shoots have ended the year with surprisingly good returns and excellent high quality sport. Certainly we will be recommending even more strongly that all teams consider bad weather cancellation – the only real solution to thick fog and deep snow!

All in all it has been a year to strongly recommend using a good Agent to book and manage your shooting!

James Chapel MRICS

James Chapel is a qualified Chartered Surveyor who had several years working for a national practice before joining JM Osborne & Co. James also heads up the William Powell Sporting Agency organising and hosting over 200 days shooting .. Read more.

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