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BASC .410 World Championship


Article written by 23 September 2016

A couple of the team including, George Griffin who is an assistant at J M Osborne & Co and Charlie Sabin who works within William Powell, ventured west to shoot the BASC .410 World Championships which was being held at the Mid Wales Shooting Centre on the 10th of September. The early morning bought some wet weather in the Midlands but as the team headed west the weather improved and there were blue skies in Powys by the time the competition started.


George Griffin and Charlie Sabin (Image courtesy of Timothy Griffin)

The 50 bird English Sporting hosted by BASC and organised by Meurig Rees, with re-entry has ran the event since 2006. Around 50 individuals entered creating a friendly atmosphere all with the same goal of becoming of ‘World Champion’. Most competitors shot the layout twice with scores being incredibly competitive across the board.

The layout was set amongst the willow trees at the shooting centre. The first stand bought a daunting 40 yard looping crosser – a challenging bird by 12 bore standards let alone with the little .410, followed up with a curling incomer. Stand two had a challenging going away rabbit which often got a cruel bounce creating a tricky target for the small bores; this was followed up with a looping crosser which had to be broken in a limited area due to the looming trees. The third stand had possibly the kindest clay on the course then followed by the most challenging presented as a simultaneous pair. The first was a slow clay that just floated 15 yards away above the willow trees followed by a dropping clay that peaked at around 40 yards and was dropping on an angle going away, a really tricky target for any calibre gun, let alone the humble .410 loaded with 18 grams of shot. The fourth stand involved a left to right dropping crosser with only a very limited time to shoot it due to trees being an obstruction; this was followed by a falling edge on clay at around 30 yards presenting a very challenging pair of targets. The final stand presented a springing teal from the left, followed by a clay coming straight over the stand from behind. Overall a difficult course which was clearly designed to challenge the individual and .410 to the limit.


George Griffin (Image courtesy of Timothy Griffin)

The scores posted would envy even the highest grade 12 bore shooters. With a high score of 48 being posted along with a handful of 45s and low 40s. George shot the layout competently on the first round dissecting the course, with the added pressure of shooting in front of his parents. Managing a 38 with a new gun with only the first stand putting a real dent in his score. Charlie was trailing shortly behind posting a 37. After the first round and short lunch break (courtesy of the lovely ladies at the Mid Wales Shooting Centre) they were ready to tackle the layout again. However, this did not go to plan unfortunately. The first stand proved challenging to get back into the groove with both posting low scores putting them out of the running for World Champion after the first stand. George managed to claw back a few clays on the following stands but struggled to regain his form in the second round posting and was unable to beat his previous score. Charlie started off poorly then regained a bit of form to post another 37, missing the last clay to straight the last stand and tie George’s previous score.


Charlie Sabin (Image courtesy of Timothy Griffin)

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and extremely well ran with friendly competition from shooters of all grades. They are very much looking forward to returning in 2017!


George Griffin and Charlie Sabin (Image courtesy of Timothy Griffin)




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