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Are You Ready for the Glorious 12th?


Article written by 10 July 2012

Having spent on average well over 100 days each year shooting or fishing James Chapel has unbeatable experience on what to do to make sure you are ready for your special day.

Grouse Shooting

You must check your gun is working properly, many people forget about their guns during the Summer months and pull them out on the 12th August remembering they forgot to get them fixed after the last days Pheasant shooting. Most good clay shooting grounds have a Grouse butt! It is always worth the time just to get into the swing and practice in a butt. Do not be fooled, the awesome grouse shots spend their summer pigeon shooting or practicing on clays. If you are to in anyway emulate them you must do the same.


Lightweight and waterproof are the key words for clothing to wear to shoot Grouse. Although it can be very warm in August and September, it can also be extremely wet. Spending all day in the heat in wellington boots is not enjoyable so a good pair of hiking boots are always a must for Grouse shooting. For more on what to wear click here


My personal recommendation for a 12 gauge is a 29½ gram load with 6½ shot (available from William Powell Cartridges). This load is plenty for shooting the twisting Grouse.



James Chapel MRICS

James Chapel is a qualified Chartered Surveyor who had several years working for a national practice before joining JM Osborne & Co. James also heads up the William Powell Sporting Agency organising and hosting over 200 days shooting .. Read more.

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