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Boots vs Wellies


Article written by 30 September 2016


I was historically a boot man unless it really was very, very wet or I knew I would be crossing streams. Much of this is because years ago, the range of wellingtons available was limited and the quality was often not of the best. Flimsy wellies giving no proper ankle support are hopeless over rough ground or when walking any distance. Hence my original choice of waterproof boots.
Now however, wellingtons have improved out of all recognition as indeed have boots!

The first waterproof boots I bought were made out of horse hide (I kid you not) because that leather was tougher than from cows. Nowadays, the leather used is all from cow hide
and they have an inner lining which makes the boots fully waterproof. The choice is large but I am convinced at present Meindl and Harkila are about the best you can buy. Not cheap, but as with most things you do get what you pay for. I prefer a high ankle boot (10 to 12”) which give the most support and are ideal for walking over rough ground.

Wellies are now leather lined, fleece lined, neoprene lined, jersey lined, full zip, partial
zip or no zip with a variety of soles and grips and indeed thickness of ‘rubber’, some of
which give excellent ankle support. We have linings for summer or deep winter use
and many in between. The key is to make sure you buy a welly which most suits the
use it is going to have and definitely do not buy a cheap one.

I love my boots which are so comfy you don’t have to “break” them in, but I always
keep a pair of wellies to wear on Low Ground Shoot days as I hate taking laced
up boots off for lunch!

Mark Osborne




Mark Osborne - FRICS, FAAV, MBAE

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