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Breeks vs Trousers


Article written by 25 September 2016



I would never ever have imagined twenty years ago that I would ever be seen out shooting in other than Breeks. Gentlemen, just didn’t!

I still love wearing Breeks which I accept some Guns feel uncomfortable in and always wear them on “proper” days when I am out shooting or helping out on shoots. However, I now wear a couple of different types of “shooting” trousers for other things, because they are so warm, so waterproof (except when tucked inside your wellingtons and the water runs down your leg into your boot) and less quirky than Breeks. I have worn my trouser alternative at Old Trafford (I am definitely not brave enough to wear plus twos to a football match!), whilst building snowmen with the kids, gardening in the winter, walking the dog and when working around the shoot. They are so versatile on their
own or when paired with a matching coat.

Sadly therefore, I think you have no alternative but to buy both! The William Powell Breeks this year are longer with an improved fit and finish and are undoubtedly the some of the best value quality tweed breeks available. However, a pair of “shooting” trousers really are versatile and much more useful out of the season too.

Mark Osborne







Mark Osborne - FRICS, FAAV, MBAE

Mark Osborne is founder and Managing Director of JM Osborne & Co. and has been a qualified Chartered Surveyor and Land Agent for over 30 years. He trained on two large traditional landed estates (Chatsworth and Castle Ashby), before s.. Read more.

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