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Early June Grouse


Article written by 13 June 2013

The weather has definitely changed for the better and thank heavens for that.  Even though we had snow on the hills (and the Tomatin to Grantown-on-Spey road was closed on May 23rd), at last the warm weather is showing improvement both in the greenness of the heather and for Low Ground Shoots, the ground conditions are now right for sowing game crops. Those game crops that were sown early, should now be growing well.

We have already seen some very good broods of grouse both in England and Scotland.  There is a good deal of difference between the best broods (a 17 seen!) and the worst (worryingly we saw 9 out of 10 eggs in a grouse nest in North Yorkshire all clear with only one hatched off).  Overall, it is looking pretty good over much of the North of England and on many of the better Moors in Scotland.

As the Grouse chicks are still tiny and easily lost from sight in even low heather, it will be 2 or 3 weeks more, before we can be fairly certain how each Moor is going to perform.

Mark Osborne - FRICS, FAAV, MBAE

Mark Osborne is founder and Managing Director of JM Osborne & Co. and has been a qualified Chartered Surveyor and Land Agent for over 30 years. He trained on two large traditional landed estates (Chatsworth and Castle Ashby), before s.. Read more.

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