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Early September Partridge


Article written by 03 October 2013

‘September saw the first of William Powell Sporting’s Partridge days. We have already taken days on a number of Partridge shoots up and down the country and have had some truly memorable days. So far we have visited the Sussex Downs, Oxfordshire and travelled up to the Scottish Borders to Dumfries to witness some of the most amazing Partridges being presented off some quite serious mountains! The main area of our Partridge shooting however has been in North Yorkshire where we have seen some fantastically strong early Partridges that have tested some of the most experienced teams to their limits.

The usual mixed British weather has made life interesting at times – ranging from bright sunshine to heavy rain to fog – a reminder to always book bad weather cancellation insurance. To date no days have been cancelled due to bad weather however we have been lucky! We still have availability on A number of fantastic shoots up and down the country so please do get in touch and we will do our best to match your needs.’



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