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Article written by 31 January 2015
Second hand shotguns

The extremes of weather we all enjoyed and indeed endured throughout the last shooting season, ranging from endless days of glorious sunshine and warm temperatures lasting well into November followed by two months of the wettest weather in living memory will have taken its toll on our guns! Just think of the condensation taking place unseen inside our guns after shooting on a wet day with the gun getting quite hot in use in a very wet and damp atmosphere.

We’d like to suggest that you get your guns into us for a check over and service and repair if required and before July is the best time of the year to get this done.

We’d also like to remind all William Powell new “Continental” gun owners that in order to validate their 5 year William Powell guarantee they need to have their new guns serviced after two years but before the third anniversary of ownership.

Our Gunroom will be happy to answer any queries or concerns that you may have about your guns and their performance and to check out those barrels for dents and weaknesses developing.

Call us today on 01295 701 701.

The Gunroom Team

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