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Firearms ‘The Legal Series’
Part 1


Article written by 30 August 2012

The Legal Framework

The law relating to the possession and licensing of firearms, shotguns and ammunition is contained in the Firearms Act 1968 and various Firearms (Amendment) Acts, together with the Firearms Rules 1998.  In an effort to achieve some consistency in the approach taken by police licensing departments in different parts of the country, the Home Office have produced two publications entitled “Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police” and “The Firearms Security Handbook,” which should be referred to where clarification of the law is necessary.

The courts and police take a very serious view of any breaches of the law affecting the possession and use of firearms. Except for minor technicalities, offences usually lead to imprisonment, even for first time offenders, and in some cases mandatory minimum sentences of five-years apply, other than in exceptional circumstances.  However, no client of ours has ever been imprisoned for such offences SO FAR!

Look out for next week’s instalment of ‘Firearms; The Legal Series’ which covers ‘Licensing of firearms, Shotguns and ammunition’

Matthew Knight is the Senior Partner of Knights Solicitors. Knights are retained by a number of national organisations in relation to firearms licencing including The National Small-Bore Rifle Association. Knight are also retained by se.. Read more.

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