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Firearms ‘The Legal Series’
Part 11


Article written by 08 November 2012
Firearms Law


Modern computerised police forces now link reported and recorded incidents with their firearm database.  This means that if the holder of a firearm or shotgun certificate gets involved in an incident to which the police are called, he may well find his certificate is in jeopardy. Domestic disputes, allegations of the commission of criminal offences and drunkenness may all trigger this procedure and police may arrive at the person’s home (armed or otherwise) and seek to remove his guns and ammunition.  Most people consent to this but, if not, the police would either have to obtain a warrant or make an arrest for the law to allow them access to the home and to seize the items.

Refusal to allow reasonable police requests would not be viewed favourably by a Court later even though the person may be within his rights.  Public safety and risk prevention will take precedence over the strict letter of the law.  That is not to say that a person facing this situation should not immediately contact a firm of specialist solicitors such as Knights for advice and assistance.

Matthew Knight is the Senior Partner of Knights Solicitors. Knights are retained by a number of national organisations in relation to firearms licencing including The National Small-Bore Rifle Association. Knight are also retained by se.. Read more.

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