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My First Gundog!


Article written by 20 June 2014

Not quite ‘My first Sony’ (which it transpires, is a saying not as widely known as I’d first thought – or perhaps I’m now just showing my age). Anyway, I digress, the first gundog is certainly more challenging than the Sony!

Since my first article on William Powell Country back in January 2013 ‘Beating for the First Time’, I can safely say I’ve been bitten by the bug (and have even had a few shooting lessons). So the initial desire for simply a ‘dog’ became a new found yearning  for a ‘gundog’. So after 11 years of nagging, the fiancé finally gave in…it helped that one of my longest and dearest friends’ Sprocker bitch had just had a delightful litter of pups, and just so happened to have a little black bitch left…so Molly came to live with us!

She’s just 3 months old…and as a first time dog owner (yes, I know Sprocker was a sensible first time dog owner choice!!), everyone is very quick to offer their advice, which is great…although a little confusing when often the advice is conflicting. Fortunately for me, Jez Case of La-Nor Gundogs (who has written a couple of fabulous articles for William Powell Country – click here find them), just so happens to live in the next village on from me, so once she’s a little more familiar with life, I hope to have some solid grounding from him.

So far, she’s mastered ‘sit’ (Rome wasn’t built in a day!), and will sit on voice, hand and whistle (Acme 211 ½ purple – available at William Powell code DO315) *shameless plug!*, and her recall is getting better each day. She’s walking on a loose lead (Country Classic Slip Lead – available at William Powell DO202) *another shameless plug*, most of the time…ok some of the time.

So, as I embark on my (what’s sure to be long and arduous) journey to ‘The Perfect Gundog’, and as her training progresses, I’ll do my best to keep those interested enough in reading my musings entertained with our trials and tribulations!

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