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Fogged Off or Snowed In?


Article written by 20 December 2012

Now we are in the depths of winter with this season being an exceptionally wet year, the importance of Bad Weather Cover has again risen. Whether (excuse the pun!) it is thick fog, snow or ice which put pay to your special day, it is in these economic times important to protect your interests by taking out Bad Weather Cover.

The problem is that someone has to take the liability for a day being cancelled due to inclement weather. Traditionally this liability has been placed on the tenant and all good shooting contracts should include a clause to explain the outcome if your day is cancelled. Estates understand that the client (tenant) of the day has paid for a day but the shoot has also all the fixed costs to pay including beaters, lunches, picker-ups and other admin costs and is ready to provide the day as outlined in their contract.  Therefore someone needs be “insured” for the eventuality of the day not going ahead because of bad weather.

Estates are willing to do all they can but with strict letting programmes and usually little flexibility in being able to provide another day in the same season they need to be paid if for reasons out of their control, the day can’t go ahead. This is where Bad Weather cover comes into place. It will, depending on the policy, refund the full shooting costs and some of the newer policies even cover your accommodation costs.

The big question is, should estates provide another day? With the availability of Bad Weather Cover the answer is no. The client has the option to take out this cover and if he/she chooses not to, then the estate should not provide another day. If they do, then why should anyone pay for the cover?

When booking a day, many clients tell their agent “I’ve never had a day cancelled in over 20 years”, but when the day comes and the shoot has been cancelled due to bad weather will they understand? Usually not!

We recommend that everyone uses this facility for their days and it will lead to no awkward conversations on a foggy or snowy morning when the day cannot proceed. There needs to be unity on this from all shooting estates otherwise it will continue to be an argument which our sport does not need.





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