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Article written by 22 August 2013

It was a good first week with some excellent days enjoyed by clients on all William Powell moors from Glenogil in the Angus Glens down to Bransdale in North Yorkshire.

Monday saw the start of shooting programs at Snilesworth and the Peak District as we had visits to Allenheads and Muggleswick; the Scottish Borders and many other notable locations.

Unfortunately not everyone has been so lucky and a number of moors in both Scotland and England have had to cancel days. It is always awkward to have to rearrange things at short notice but we are delighted to say that some of our moors have exceeded expectations and we have further opportunities for both individual Guns and full teams.

In Cumbria we have five Guns to fill a line of 9 on Saturday 14th September to shoot an expected 60 brace at £1000 per Gun.

Later in September – on Saturday 28th – we have a 50 brace day available to a full team at £7500.

In Yorkshire we have two Guns to complete a line of nine for two 100 brace days at £1650 plus vat per Gun per day on the 25th and 26th September.

We will also have a couple of 80 to 100 brace days in the Borders in the latter half of September.

Please contact us for further details  – 01295 277197

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